COVID-19 update:
Following BC’s provincial health guidelines, we are adjusting our business to this current situation and wanted to update our guests of the changes. We care deeply about the safety of our guests and tour guides, and as you know, we work closely with many tourism partners, who are doing the same.
We will do our best to keep a 2 metre distance when traveling to each winery/brewery, the vehicles with be sanitized before and after tour, and disposable masks and water bottles are provided if you do not bring your own. We also have eliminated some lunch stops at this time to reduce potential exposure, and we ask that you carry your own purchases to the vehicle.
At this time, we are offering wine tours with a minimum of 4 guests.
It is possible to take a larger groups, but there are some limitations. Please call the office to confirm what is available.
**COVID-19 changes and updates are constant in the tourism industry, so the website might not reflect those changes right away.
Please call the office for any questions and we can chat about tour options for your group.
1. Anyone showing flu like symptoms in the last 10 days is asked to postpone their visit
2. Anyone who has been outside the country or has been in contact with anyone with COVID-19 symptoms is asked to postpone their visit for at least 14 days from that date.
Here is a link to safety measures to consider
We are all in this together.

What are Adventure Tours?

When you go on holidays, sometimes you want to plan something with a bit of adventure attached to it. We combine a morning of outdoor activities or novelty adventures with an afternoon of ‘sipping local’ on one of our Okanagan wine or brewery tours.​

Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or a thrill-seeker, these are the tours for the more adventurous type! We’ve partnered with locals in order to bring you only the best and most highly-recommended things to do in Kelowna, such as zip lining, SUP on Okanagan Lake, cycling in the mountains, craft beer, and wine! We can personally attest that these fun and exciting tours are sure to leave any group smiling and satisfied.