Meet the Fam!

We take the position of tour guide rather than just a driver.
We are in the hospitality industry, guiding guests through the vines and vineyards and wineries – to experience the beauty the Okanagan has to offer;
sharing food, wine, and sense of community.


Michael Metcalfe

Owner, Tour Guide, Host.

Michael is a face of Roots & Vines out on the wine trail. His warmth and passion for people, storytelling and wine are unmistakable,
and he has a lot of love for the people and history of this valley.
Step into the crosshairs of Michael and you are guaranteed to get a hefty dose of tall tales and good times.



Terri Metcalfe
Owner, Office Administrator and B & B coordinator.

Nygel Metcalfe

Son, Tour guide & Website support


“When you’re with the Metcalfes, you’re with family”


The Okanagan is our home. Michael’s father came to the Okanagan Valley many years ago and fell in love with it. Michael was a young boy when they moved from Osoyoos to Kelowna.
¬†Terri’s family came over from Ireland to settle on property in Southeast Kelowna, and Terri was born here. Michael and Terri were married in the Okanagan, and while they have done their fair share of travelling and adventuring, have settled. Embracing the sense of rootedness, and raising a family here in Kelowna, and building a business in hospitality. Hosting is in our blood!

“I highly value the pioneer spirit that has set a firm foundation for this region. I have watched the evolution of the fledging BC wine industry to the award winning status that it holds today. I believe in this valley.”

I was born here in Kelowna. Mike and I were married here and we have raised our four children here. The longer I live here, the more I love it.
This place is absolutely beautiful! ”



Settling down has been the opposite of restrictive. Instead of giving up our dreams, putting down roots has helped make our dreams come true.
The last six years of building strong relationships with other industry professionals in the Okanagan, and gaining friends along the way. Roots & Vines Tour Co. is the embodiment of our dream of hospitality. Through the Wine Tours AND through Roots & Vines B&B, we continue to meet amazing people from around the world, and its an honour to share in lives from all around the world, and be touched by stories. Nothing is better than opening a favourite bottle of wine, with new family or old, and talking and laughing all day and long into the night. What we have learned is that everyone needs a little TLC…