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Roots and Vines has been operating for 4 seasons now in the Okanagan, offering wine tours from Lake Country to Osoyoos and accommodating anywhere from groups of 2 to groups of 50. (Dang, son! I know, bro!). A year or so back, we added four unique tours to our roster which we call Adventure Tours. These tours combine outdoor experiences in the morning with wine tasting in the afternoon – the best of both worlds in the Okanagan. Most of them are summer tours, but we also have the perfect adventure tour for the winter months – the Winter Wine Tour!
Some people have asked me, “What’s the Winter Wine Tour like?” You’re asking the right guy!
Short answer? Incredibly fun and satisfying, especially with friends. Long answer? Read on, friends 🙂

Snowshoe Day
Winter Wine Tour
Pine Forest Trail

Calling up some friends for snowshoeing, lungs full of fresh air, little warm humans trudging across a big frozen forest. A cozy lodge, warmed up by the real fireplace which crackled on the far wall. Your muscles feel good, your mind feels clear, your senses fresh. Then, adding gourmet lunch and wine tasting to the mix? No better way to spend the day.

The Weight of Life

When I was younger, more single-minded and idealistic, I embraced the identity of the “adventurous” type, and I thought myself very brave and unattached to modern comforts. Unfettered is maybe a better word for that feeling of independence, that illusion of agency that we felt. Now, I think it was more of a matter of wanting to be that way; finding myself out of the city and away from my phone, to get “off the grid,” just traversing the mountain and being a human in nature seems less of a way of life than a happy accident. There’s just so much in the way: jobs, kids, chores, bills, unfinished projects, obligatory entertaining, etc. Sometimes, what you need is something to break the cycle; sometimes I need time with just my wife and I, sometimes it’s with good friends who we can really be ourselves around. 

Winter Wine Tour
Trekking – Winter Wine Tour
The Reset Button

At Roots & Vines, we understand how important these “resetting” moments are. Go get reset! Enjoy life, enjoy nature! Adventure Tours like the Winter Wine Tour let you Absorb, Breathe, and Capture: the ABCs of experiencing nature and wine. If you want, come out with us: the Winter Wine Tour starts with a morning of snowshoeing or cross-country skiing and ends with gourmet lunch and tastings at up to 3 wineries. Personally, I love the quiet envelopment that snowshoeing offers, wrapped up in the soft quiet of the woods, but I am also a huge fan of cross-country skiing. Not nearly as boring as it appears, cross-country is a great workout and still has a bit of a rush for the speed-lovers among us 🙂 I have skiied both Classic and Skate-style, and thoroughly enjoyed them both. Either way, we would love to facilitate a ‘reset’ day with you and your significant other, or a group of close friends. And if you cross-country all the time, maybe you’d like to try it with wine! 

Winter Wine Tour
Winter Wine Tour – Quails Gate, Westside Wine Trail-

All in all, the Winter Wine Tour is an exceptionally satisfying combo.

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Thanks for stopping by, friends! See you on the trail!
– Nygel “Adventure” Metcalfe, on behalf of the Roots & Vines Fam

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