Puzzles, Pints, and Pizza – Escape room and brewery tour, Roots & Vines teams up with best escape room in Kelowna

What is this “escape room” thing I keep hearing about?

For those of you who don’t know, an escape room is an immersive game where you are locked in a physical room, or series of rooms. The goal is to look for clues and patterns within the room in order to solve puzzles and open a series of locks and/or doors to progress through the rooms. If you successfully solve all the puzzles within the time limit, you win! It’s a very fun experience, and one of my favourite things to do with friends. There are usually multiple difficulty levels, so you can start easy on your first time, and then challenge yourself with more difficult rooms as you get the hang of it. Every escape room facility is different, but most can accommodate between 2 and 10 people, with some bigger rooms able to take 20 people at a time. It requires equal measures of logical reasoning and out-of-the-box creativity, along with tons of teamwork!
Every room has a unique theme, as well, which is where it gets really fun – you might be double agents in the 1950s, looking for highly-sensitive, top-secret documents. You might be intrepid archeologists trapped in an ancient Egyptian tomb, interstellar explorers on a malfunctioning spaceship, or brave young knights in search of treasure in a Medieval castle.

Check out the Impulse Kelowna FAQ for more info: http://impasse.ca/en/faq/

What are these “Adventure Tour” things I keep hearing about?

We understand that not everyone is a sommelier! While there are a dedicated faction of wine enthusiasts who are happy to spend all day wine-touring and really getting in depth, tasting at every winery within a 30-kilometer radius over the course of a three-day expedition (You know who you are, and you have our respect), we understand that most people aren’t on that level! Most of us want to have a few glasses and learn more about wine, but are really just out to have fun and enjoy the Okanagan. Roots & Vines exists to bridge the gap, to bring the Okanagan Valley to your doorstep, and THAT”s why we built our Adventure Tours series – to appeal to adventurers of all types!

Escape Room & Brewery Tour – calling all the nerds!

If you consider it a compliment to be called a nerd, then this tour is for you! Fear not – I count myself among that number: When I say that we “extensively tested” for our escape room adventure tour, I mean that we played every single room in Kelowna, and then went to Victoria to smash a few more! We REALLY like escape rooms 🙂

Of course, its not for nerds only – escape rooms are also a great choice for a unique date, something fun to do when friends and family visit, or just a really exciting way to spend an afternoon or evening!

Escape Rooms in Kelowna

There are several places in Kelowna that offer escape games, but after extensive testing, we knew we had to partner with the folks at Impulse Escape Room to bring you our newest Adventure Tour…. “Puzzles, Pints, and Pizza” – the escape room and craft-beer experience you’ve been waiting for!

Impulse Kelowna – immersive escape game experience.

After finding ourselves coming back for the third time, we met the whole team of awesome people over at Impulse. We are so pleased to be partnering with Gabe, Elisia, and Damian – such a rad and creative team! As always, we love to #supportlocal!

Check out their available rooms here: http://impulsekelowna.com/all-rooms/


The deetz: What’s included in the escape-room and brewery tour?

There are two options for the escape room adventure tour:

Option A, “Puzzles, Pints, and Pizza,” is available 7 days a week, and includes the 1-hour escape game at Impulse, local artisan pizza from DunnEnzies – a craft-beer tasting flight at local brewery Boundary Brewing Co., and tastings at two other local breweries. So crafty! (get it? it’s funny cause riddles and puzzles are crafty, and you’re drinking craft beer…get it? GET IT?)

Option B, “The Grape Escape,” is available only on weekends, and switches out pizza and beer for charcuterie platter and wine tasting. Classy!

To book this tour, call the office sat 868-0611, or click here –> Book Now.
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See you out on the trail, Kelowna!
– Nygel “Crafty Mastermind” Metcalfe


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